English Camp 4 April 2015

 The Superhero English Camp hosted 60 students and 6 ETAs. The goal of the camp was to generate interest and confidence in English through fun activities and connections with new ETAs. It was held outside in various locations on campus. It went from 8am to 1:30pm on 4 Mac 2015 (Saturday).
The camp was overall positive but had a few faults. It was extremely hot out, much too hot to hold a long outdoor camp. However, to remedy this, Savannah cut the camp from 2:00 to 1:30. In the future, time management of the camp should account for the weather.
The camp had so many positive points. First, the students were really interested in the English language and the ETAs from other parts of America. It was good to expose them to casual English speaking so they could gain confidence and have fun. Many students were able to come out of their shell and become more outgoing because of this camp. It is also a good educational way for students to spend time. Additionally, students were able to experience a variety of English activities including, discussion, competition, relay races, and fashion shows. The students were able to communicate, strategize, and have fun all in English.
This camp is definitely a good thing for SMK Syed Sirajuddin and should be repeated more often. I got the students active, listening to English music, speaking to native speakers, and it was all in a relaxed environment. When students are too stressed they often free up. If they feel they are not good in a subject, they can give up. However, English camps are fun ways for students to engage with each other without pressure.

Reported by Savannah Benton